Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pick Insight

All right so let me offer a little insight on my picks here, starting with my sleepers. I really have not seen many of these teams play, but I have seen many box scores from their games, and accordingly, they made impressions on me, and now they are my sleepers.
1. "Ol' Dirty" Dominion (or Old Dominion): How can you not like the Monarchs this year? Seriously I don't actually know, because I don't know this team all to well. But this I do know, they won the regular season and and post-season tourney in the Colonial conference--home to former sleepers George Mason and VCU--and this is their third consecutive NCAA appearance. My gut, as well, is telling me "George don't you think about overlooking 'Ol Dirty' this year," and so I guess I really have no choice but not to.

2. "Flip" Murray State: Another team with another good nickname, that I have yet seen play. I like the Racers a lot this year, not more than ODU, but a lot. Why, you say? Well Why not? It's Murray State, their the Racers, they play Vandy in the first round, I can't really say anything else other than, to quote a song, "I'm hooked on a feeling."

3. Gonzaga: Sorry don't have a good nickname here. Sure could have done Bongzaga, or Schlongzaga, or Gonschwaga, but isn't Gonzaga a goof enough name on its own? This team I have seen play, on multiple occasions, and you what, that's right, I like them a lot. They have experience at the guard positions, and enough size down low. This team is gonna make a run... or lose in the second round, but they won't go down easy.

Obviously I have other sleepers, but they are all fairly banal at this point (San Diego St., Utah St, Cornell, Richmond, BYU, etc.). At this juncture I will try explain much of the rest of my bracket.
Every year you sit down and watch all the college analyst essentially pick three number one seeds and one two see to make the final four, with the favorite usually winning. Because of this, in spite of the past two tournaments, I cannot follow suit.
Kentucky will not win the championship, this I can guarantee. I don't even think they'll make it out of the sweet sixteen, however this I cannot guarantee. They're too young, and too many of their players are freshmen pricks. Kansas probably has the best team in the country, and has a very good chance of winning it all. That being said, the number one overall seed rarely lives up to its billing, and I think Kansas goes down to a lesser team that has a great game. Syracuse must play Gonzaga, my aforementioned sleeper, and thus will be bumped early. Are the Orangemen a good team? Yes. But still I'm just not in love with them, could happen, I don't think it will. Not only does Duke have an extremely easy path to the final four, but I think this team is really underrated. Forget Singler, forget Scheyer (however this is more difficult), but check out Nolan Smith, or Brian Dawkins, this team is loaded with smart guards and good size, not a bad combination to make a deep run in a weak region. Finally my pick to win it all is Ohio State, that's just how it kind of shook out. I think Ohio State's starting five can match up with anybody in the country, the question is going to be whether their lack of depth comes back t0 fuck them. But they have been playing well this way all season, and know how to play smart. Evan turner is the best player in country, and now those apart from the Big Ten will understand why.

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